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Inspiring Wedding Photography


About me

I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based both in the UK and Europe. I combine story-telling documentary photography with elegant, natural portraiture to capture moments you’ll look back on and love.


I love the way a series of images can tell a story, evoke atmosphere and take you back to a certain time or place.  In terms of style, I love the informality of documentary photography. It gives us those wonderful, natural gems and genuine moments when you’re not really aware there’s a camera on you.


It’s such a privilege to photograph weddings – a day packed full of beautiful details, laughter and emotion. I love how all these little moments combine to tell each unique wedding story. As the bride and groom, you’ll of course be at the heart of the story but I’ll also capture hundreds of images of your family and friends as they share the day with you. It’s this mix of big moments, little moments and beautiful in between moments that helps to bring back the true atmosphere of your day.


Take a look around the site at some of my work and you’ll get a sense of my natural and unobtrusive style and approach. My services come at a very reasonable price - I'm fairly new to wedding photography but as you will see on the site, I can deliver consistently high quality images. Please contact me if you’ve any questions and to check my availability and pricing.

Len Longwool

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